Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Weird, random... FUN!!!

The following account is a chat conversation describing how Rose my Llamatriplet (looooooong story) had her head shaved...did I mention that Rose is a Dryad? In the account there are snatches of other conversations one of which revolves around my sister complaining that her internet is cutting in and out and mine is completely fine :D

(12:31:42) The_Jedi_Clone: :D
(12:31:49) NarnianAtHeart: I want it long again in the fall-winter so I would have plenty of time for it to grow back.
(12:31:54) NarnianAtHeart: @Rose
(12:32:00) Melian_Maia: Oh, be quiet, Mim. You're not in the back of the house with the door shut.
(12:32:03)Ithilwen: Hi Lia!
(12:32:13) Ithilwen: And Hi NAH!
(12:32:16) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Nah: Maybe compromise halfway, then? :P
(12:32:19) The_Jedi_Clone: well, open the door then
(12:32:27) Ithilwen: Is Mino here?
(12:32:34) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad pokes MfA.
(12:32:37) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: ARE YOU HERE?! :P
(12:32:40) Lady_Arwen: Uh-oh.
(12:32:43) MinotaurforAslan: YES I AM
(12:32:45) Melian_Maia: Lady A: It totally does. It also makes a way for me to vent my frustration on losing half of my Merlin episode.
(12:33:01) Lady_Arwen senses trouble in the secwet modchat.
(12:33:01) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: HE'S HERE!!!
(12:33:01) MinotaurforAslan: And you just got impaled again, Rose :P
(12:33:02) Ithilwen: :D
(12:33:02) The_Jedi_Clone pokes Mino "wake up!"
(12:33:03) Ithilwen: Hi Mino :D
(12:33:07) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad hands Ithie a can with a string on it, and gives MfA the other can. :P
(12:33:10) Melian_Maia: Mim: Come here, I have to show you something... And when you leave, open the door.
(12:33:20) MinotaurforAslan: You gotta stop poking me, it's dangerous :P(12:33:28) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: I will NEVER stop poking! :P
(12:33:44) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: I just need to start using a crowbar or something instead of my actual finger. :P
(12:33:48) Melian_Maia bazookas Rose again. This time on purpose.(12:33:48) Ithilwen: She doesn't have a chance to get all of the poking out of her system on FB so...
(12:33:49) Lady_Arwen: Modchat:
(12:33:55) Lady_Arwen: Bookwyrm waves
Lady Arwen waves
Bookwyrm waves back
Lady Arwen waves back....
Bookwyrm waves back
Lady Arwen: waves back at the wave back.
Bookwyrm waves back at the wave back to the wave back
Lady Arwen waves back at the wave back to the wave back to the other wave back.
(12:33:57) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad is bazooka'd?! What fer?? :P
(12:34:06) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: ROFL, Lady A. xDDD
(12:34:15) NarnianAtHeart: brb
(12:34:18) Melian_Maia: Lol, Lady A. XDDDD
(12:34:23) Melian_Maia: Rose: Because I can.
(12:34:26) Ithilwen tests
(12:34:28) MinotaurforAslan gazes at the incredibly rare and insightful glimpse at the secret lives on the mods
(12:34:33) MinotaurforAslan: *of
(12:34:34) Ithilwen: My purple is back!!! :D
(12:34:34) The_Jedi_Clone: lol Lady A!
(12:34:41) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad dyes Lia's hair hot pink. Because she can.(12:35:04) Lady_Arwen: lol, Mino.
(12:35:04) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Ithie: Yay. You look like you. :D
(12:35:04) MinotaurforAslan dyes Rose's hair hot green
(12:35:10) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: o_e
(12:35:15) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: . . . You know, I kinda like that! :P
(12:35:16) Ithilwen: Hot green XD
(12:35:20) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: It sets off the roses, doesn't it? :P
(12:35:25) Melian_Maia 's hair is hot pink
.(12:35:27) Lady_Arwen: I think this would be "the increadibly dorky and awkward glimpse at the secret lives of the Overpeoples."
(12:35:27) MinotaurforAslan: It does :)
(12:35:29) Melian_Maia gives Rose's branches a buzz cut. Because she can.
(12:35:31) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Although the term is usually "electric green." :P
(12:35:38) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Hey Anime! xD
(12:35:40) wild_rose: is bored so goes to fetch her guinea pig :P
(12:35:41) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: ROFL, Lady A. xDDD
(12:35:43) MinotaurforAslan: that's probably more accurate, lady a
(12:35:48) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad is given a buzz cut. o_e
(12:35:48) Ithilwen: Hi Anime!
(12:35:53) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Oh well, I needed a trim anyway. :P
(12:36:03) Lady_Arwen: Ha, I think I won. Booky hasn't said anything.
(12:36:09) Lady_Arwen: Oh drat. ;))
(12:36:10) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: mua. Ha. HA. :P
(12:36:10) Melian_Maia made Rose bald. XD
(12:36:12) Lady_Arwen: He just did.
(12:36:18) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Evul. XDDD
(12:36:19) The_Jedi_Clone has a spoon full of frosting :D
(12:36:22) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad is BALD?! 8o
(12:36:24) Anime_tor95: hello...i believe i've walked in to late to understand this conversation :P
(12:36:25) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: WHY, LIA? WHYYY? :P
(12:36:33) Ithilwen:
(12:36:34) Melian_Maia: Because I CAN!
(12:36:35) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad shuts herself up in her closet of solitude until her hair grows back. :P
(12:36:41) Melian_Maia: XD
(12:36:41) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Lol, Ithie
(12:36:46) wild_rose: 8o
(12:36:53) Melian_Maia 's sides hurt from laughing.
(12:36:53) MinotaurforAslan: That was Rose before she was shaved
(12:37:00) Melian_Maia: XD
(12:37:03) MinotaurforAslan: Now she looks like this :-(
(12:37:04) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: This isn't funny, Lia. :P
(12:37:05) Lady_Arwen shaves her head to comfort Rosie.
(12:37:10) Lady_Arwen donates the hair to a good cause.
(12:37:13) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Thank you, Lady A. T-T
(12:37:15) Ithilwen: (12:37:27) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad donates her. . . er, grass to a good cause. :P
(12:37:27) Melian_Maia: XD
(12:37:32) wild_rose: LOL
(12:37:34) Melian_Maia: Lol, Rose
(12:37:42) Ithilwen: At least she still has her roses XD
(12:37:48) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: ITHIE!!!
(12:37:49) MinotaurforAslan: lol
(12:37:49) The_Jedi_Clone: Lia, I got a spoon full of frosting!!!
(12:37:52) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad locks herself up
(12:37:53) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: NO ONE
(12:37:53) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: TOUCHES
(12:37:55) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: THE ROSES
(12:37:56) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: :P
(12:38:03) MinotaurforAslan touches the roses
(12:38:05) Ithilwen: No one did. :P
(12:38:05) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: MINE MINE MINE!!! :P
(12:38:10) Ithilwen: Except mino XD
(12:38:12) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad slaps MfA's hand :P
(12:38:13) Lady_Arwen donates a katana to Rose's cause.
(12:38:15) Melian_Maia touches one of Rose's roses.
(12:38:26) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad drives MfA and Lia back with her katana! :P
(12:38:29) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: DIEEE!!! :P
(12:38:31) Anime_tor95: lol, why do you have an eyepatch rose? :P
(12:38:36) Melian_Maia burns Rose's roses with her blowtorch.
(12:38:37) MinotaurforAslan watche's Rose's hand get impaled by his finger...hoofnail
(12:38:38) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: I don't know. :P
(12:38:45) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: I don't know WHAT IS GOING ON! It's all Lia's fault! :P (12:38:54) Melian_Maia: XD
(12:38:55) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: MfA: Dude, get a manicure, will you?! :P
(12:39:05) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad 's roses are burned with a blowtorch.
(12:39:08) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: e_______________O
(12:39:14) Melian_Maia wonders where her minions are when she needs them.
(12:39:16) wild_rose: poor Rose
(12:39:17) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad hides behind Lady A and cries. :-(
(12:39:26) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: CHLOEEE!
(12:39:28) The_Jedi_Clone grabs a spoon of frosting and dangles it high above Lia's head, if you want frosting you must behave... in other words don't TOUCH THE ROSES!!!
(12:39:29) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: They're being MEAN to me!!!
(12:39:32) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: EAT THEM!! :P
(12:39:34) Melian_Maia whacks Rose with her won katana.
(12:39:39) Melian_Maia: *own
(12:39:45) Chloë_Máiréad: Hey--Wait, what?
(12:39:47) wild_rose: Rose if you want you can have my rose :P
(12:39:49) Melian_Maia touches the roses.
(12:39:54) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad: Thank you, Wild. XD
(12:39:57) Narnia_Fan12 is back
(12:40:04) Melian_Maia: 12-12, can you attack, pleas?!
(12:40:08) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad escapes to her closet and barricades the door
(12:40:15) The_Rose-Tree_Dryad doubts 12 will even recognize her. :P
(12:40:18) Melian_Maia: *please
(12:40:20) Narnia_Fan12: attack who?
(12:40:21) MinotaurforAslan: Rose, you mean CHLOËËËËË!
(12:40:23) Anime_tor95: bad time to come back 12...crazy things are happening
(12:40:27) Narnia_Fan12 sees Rose
(12:40:39) Narnia_Fan12 is confuzzled. :P
(12:40:39) Melian_Maia: 12: I shaved Rose's head, because I CAN!!!!!!

And there you have it the extremely odd, very random account of how Rose's Head was shaved! :P


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