Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy belated 4th of July!

Well, I must say as holidays go the 4th is one of my favorites I mean whats better than sitting around watching things go BOOM! BOOM! POW! Or even making a fool out of myself dancing around on a median waving signs and sitting around at a fireworks booth sweating to death? one word answer. NOTHING. My youth group did all that as a fundraiser just like we do every year, I must say though I could do without the heat :P I think my best memory is when my sister Lia and I were holding a sign that said "Honk 4 freedom!" and no one honked one of the guys said " they all must be communist freedom haters..." I can't deny that at the time I felt inclined to agree, I have since changed my mind as many people did honk. I was exhausted from five days of waving signs and flags and sitting in the heat playing card games. I went home slept from 11:00 pm till 6:45 the next morning.Then and only then did I breath a sigh of relief and relax...just in time to do school which I won't finish till the 15th, wonderful.


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