Saturday, September 3, 2011

Prayer Request

A week or two ago a family friends son was severally injured when he fell three stories in the building he was painting so here is the newest update on Dane who is only 2oish years old:

Dane continues to improve and converse a bit more. He’s told his parents that he loves them. He knows his name and the name of his boss and that he is in the hospital. He doesn’t know how old he is; but he calls out about the fall and pain and repeats certain specific numbers. Clay is asking the Lord if Dane might have a miraculous opportunity to leave the hospital on his birthday – 9/9. Let’s join them in this prayer and see what the Lord might do beyond what we could ask or think!

Please pray for him, I hope that this is something that teaches Dane that the Lord is the truth and that he does exist. Dane turned his back on Christ a few years ago, everyone is hoping that this helps him understand that what he learned as a child is the truth and that he needs to place his trust in Jesus! Please also pray for Danes parents and sister that they will be strong.


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