Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a post about me....

Ok so i keep telling my self to post telling you guys more about me sooo.... here i go!

1.I read in my spare time (my mom says i gobble books up like they are food!)

2. I LOVE To go outside and play!

3. I have braces and i don't like them at all.

4. I like to take my toy lightsaber and hit a beach ball against the wall

5.I like HSB better than blogger but both are fun!

6. I LOVE comments i find them very fun!

7.I like long posts and tags.

8. I'm a big sister to two and a little sister to two.

9. i LOVE tea!

10. I like Star Wars and LotR


  1. I'm the same in almost ALL those things! Odd...

  2. Bracie, yes it is funny isn't it?