Friday, August 28, 2009


I'm sorry i've not been posting well umm...... I'm VERY happy 'cause i don't start school for a couple weeks *counts days on fingers then rushes to calander and counts days off* not till the 14 of september! Oh and i'm geting a book from amazon about Ida scudder who if you don't know was a missonary who amzingly once said she would NEVER be a missionary like her parents were...


  1. You're lucky you don't star until the 14th! we have to go back on September 2nd...

    -Elránia of Rivendell

  2. I'm not starting till mid-september either. Yay!

    Your signiture is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Who made it? will they make me one??????


  3. sorry i haven't anserwed your comment Bracie and Melain made it and i'm positive she would make you one too!