Thursday, December 17, 2009

book reveiw...

i decided to give you a small book review on one of the books i most recently read

  1. We didn't mean to go to sea by Arthur Ransom in we didn't mean to go to sea is a book about four children who love boats and can't stay away from them, and in this manner they meet Jim Brading a young man who owns a boat that he had just sailed from Dover and invites the children to sail up the river to three other towns along the coast, but in a fog the four children drift to sea while Jim goes to get more fuel for the engine, they end up sailing to Holland and meet their father they then sail back with him.


  1. Your blog is so cool,Elsa! =)

    How've you been?


  2. sorry didn't mean to remove that comment! i've been good Sarah how about you?