Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas is coming the gesse are getting fat.......

"Hello all and Merry CHRISTmas!"

"and a happy new year!!!!"

"would you shut up a minute?"

"One -Two -........aaaaaaaaaand Sixty!"

*groans* sorry about that my character Skyke is gettiong on my nerves she keeps saying merry christmas....


see what i mean? ANYWAY! please ignore her random

"AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!"

those things, well on my HSB blog one of my friends sometime around easter posted this on her blog she asked all her friends to re-post it i am now asking you the same thing:

Why do we ((sleep)) in [[church]],
But stay ((awake)) through a [[2 hour movie]]?
Why is it so ((hard)) to talk about [[God]],
but so ((easy)) to [[Gossip]]?
Why are we so ((bored)) when we look at a [[Christian magazine]],
but find it ((easy)) to read [[Cosmo]]?
Why is it so easy to ((ignore)) a [[Godly]] post or email,
Yet we ((resend)) the [[nasty]] ones?
Why are ((churches)) getting [[smaller]],
But ((bars and clubs)) are [[growing]]?

Think about it, are you going to repost this?
Or are you going to ignore it, cause you think you'll get laughed at?

Would You Have Opened This if it Said....
Read This In Gods Name.

80 % of you wont re-post this.

Jesus Christ said:
"If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you in front of my father."

Don't give God the chance to deny you.

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