Tuesday, April 26, 2011


This Easter was amazing! Not only did I get to sit through both services at my church because for some crazy reason I like to get up early on some Sundays and go help set up our church. (we're a mobile church) And I don't just love Easter for the candy, (although that is a definate plus as it is the only day that I can actually eat my fill of candy) what I really love is when I get a ten dollar iTunes gift card in my Easter basket! Not only that but my older Brother and Sister got back from our youth groups mission trip to Mexico where my Sister did the House crew and built a house for a family, and my Brother (the older of the two) did VBS and gave little kids piggy back rides!


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  1. That sounds awesome! :)
    I hope you had a good easter! My sister came over and we colored eggs, watched movies and ate a bunch of candy and icecream. haha It was really fun!!

    My bestfriend and her brother are doing the same thing in upper Georgia! They'll be back at the end of the week. :D

    God Bless!