Friday, April 29, 2011

I owe you this...

Okay, to my lovely followers I owe an explanation for having to lie about my name, So a couple of years ago on HSB my mom uploaded a picture my dad took of her, the only thing in focus was my little sisters head that was resting on my moms shoulder facing away from the camera, So a group of people saw this picture and became convinced that she was this girl that had been kidnapped when she was two. So the started stalking my mom, they looked her up on the internet and found out where we lived, what our phone number was and a whole bunch of other stuff, They were even going to send her flowers! They were so convinced that she was this little girl. So my mom told us that under no circumstance were we to disclose our real names or other personal information on our blogs, so instead I use the name of a little girl I know, so there you have it the story of whyIi am not allowed to tell you my real name.


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