Thursday, July 14, 2011

Youth group water night...

When you think of youth group water nights what comes into your head? Slip 'n slides? Water balloon wars? Human Tug o' war? Slip 'n Slid kickball? Cagaly Can Can?...Well, That's my youth group to a T. Right now I am sitting here nursing my bruises, hoping we get to do it again next week. I think the best part was when we had a water war, us girls pelted the youth pastor with water balloons he and most of the guys (a few helped us) dumped buckets of water on us. Awesomeness. I believe that the best game was Cagaly Can Can, I came in third twice once in only girls, once in Boys vs Girls. Suprisingley one of the women leaders WON both of those times, the other time Lia won, I was so proud of her. I hope we can do it again, soon preferably. Well that's all for now, I should go and use an ice pack now.


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