Monday, August 1, 2011

Ahhh, Cool, calm collected mayhem...

I just love summer it's supposed to be calm and relaxing but normally its actually quite chaotic mostly, infact to prove that point I am doing NaNo twice in one year AHHH! so I promised my friend Mountie that I would post another excerpt from my camp NaNo novel that she is staring in. So here you go Mountie!

Here's a part with Mountie and a few others from Narnia Web Chat:

I and the others followed Dee and Flam down the road till we reached a ford Rose looked distastefully at the swift moving river “Well, I hope we don’t have to cross that!”
She exclaimed. Dee and Flam exchanged glances “Umm, Rose isn’t it?” Flam remarked casually.”Yes.” Flam gulped and looked entreatingly towards Dee who gestured for her to continue. “Well, I have good news and I have bad news, The bad news is yes, the good news is it’s not very deep.” Rose just stared I knew that all dryads couldn’t really swim well so she probably wasn’t very happy about that. “Cyko, could you help the dryads across?” I whispered, he didn’t look to happy about that but he nodded. (side note: Cyclops are very loyal friends they will do anything for someone who has earned their trust). I knew why he wasn’t happy, Rose when scared turns into a tree, Mountie will want to fight anything and everything that comes between her and her goal and Sweeet will struggle and kick, personally I didn’t blame Cyko for not wanting to help them across. Flam grinned obviously enjoying Cyko’s discomfort. Dee looked puzzled “I thought Dryads could float” she pointed out, “So we can,” agreed Mountie cheerfully “but as Aynra said it is a swift river.” Dee grasped the situation instantly nodding to show she understood but Flam looked incredulously at Dee “You mean you didn’t think of that?” she asked innocently, Dee started down the bank without answering I glanced at Flam and grinned, maybe she wouldn’t be so bad after all. We followed an indignant Dee down to the shoreline at the ford. Quickly Cyko grabbed Rose, and Mountie, Sweeet was already clinging to his arm. Dee and Flam glanced at me, the bank was very steep and I realized that they didn’t think I could make it down. The temptation was to great and I couldn’t resist it I grinned at Dee, Flam just looked at me daring me to try. So I did, I backed up and galloped to the edge before jumping in and landing in the center of the river. I looked back and grinned again, Dee and Flam were staring at me flaber gasted. I calmly waded through the river I turned my head and spoke over my shoulder “Come on, I thought we needed to hurry.” Flam grinned and spoke quietly “What ever took you so long?” she asked, Dee actually cracked a smile “I dare you to try that backwards!” she cried as she doubled over laughing.

And here is a part with Lady A and Hoffmira, the villain and one of the supporting characters:

Lady A sat shivering in the corner of the cell, her followers were in the cell as well, in various states of shock. The cell door squeaked open and a tall, beautiful and graceful woman heavily cloaked walked in, “Where is the princess of Dittioa!?” she stormed getting right to the point. Lady A turned away, “I don’t know!” the woman came closer and Lady A shrunk even further into the corner “I can tell you nothing!” She screamed as the heavily cloaked figure crept closer. “We shall see She-Elf, we shall see if that is true! I understand that you would do anything to protect her, but what if I killed someone close to you if you refused to help me? How would you react then?” She snarled “Jedine!” she called “bring the, the bargaining chip, out!” She turned back to Lady A a gruesome smile twisting her otherwise beautiful features. The assistant led forward a figure with a bag tied over her face, Jedine positioned the captive so that the full light of the lantern would fall on her face and pulled off the bag smiling in triumph. Lady A looked puzzled then grinned. Hoffmira turned towards the ‘bargaining chip’ as she put it, confused that her prisoner who was supposed to go weak at the knees and start spewing state secrets left and right when she saw the face, grin, Hoffmira’s smile faltered and turned into a look of rage “Thats the wrong prisoner you fool!” then she started to throw the most un-dignified temper tantrum and jumping up and down hitting the unfortunate Jedine on the head with her staff. Jedine sighed and walked away to get the correct prisoner.

I hope you enjoy these, I know I enjoyed writing them!


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