Monday, August 8, 2011

Another excerpt..This one for Rose

My good friend Rose is as I'm sure you all know in my Camp NaNoWriMo novel, and I told her about a small section and that I would put up some more of it for her. This section happens right after Lady A is freed from Hoffmira's dungeons.

We all craned our necks to see who was inside the cell and to our surprise we saw what appeared to be a life size chocolate statue of a young elven woman frozen with a look of absolute terror on her face. “MAIA!” I screamed. “How could she?!” I was lived. “Oh, quite easily really darling!” We all spun around “Hoffmira.” I spoke through gritted teeth. “The one and only! But really my dear aren’t you a little short of members of the Dittoian royal family? After all, I was quite sure you were bringing one to kill me, I mean really Ellene darling, you’re beginning to forget things!” I sighed. It was true, we did need Aynra or one of her family members to kill Hoffmira, as it was ordained that only a member of the Dittoian royal family could kill Hoffmira and her accomplice Joeker. I glanced up I had noticed Flam and Dee had been conversing together for sometime. “Actually Hoffmira, we can defeat you. The actual prophecy is this. ‘Hoffmira, Empress of the dark arts shall only be defeated by a child of the Dittoia royal family or a person close, to one of those whom Hoffmira has kidnapped or tortured as long as it happens within three months of the original kidnapping.’ Has it been three months since Shasta and Silver were kidnapped?” Hoffmira looked shocked “Impossible! That prophecy was forgotten!” Dee grinned. “Actually it’s in the elven history books.” Hoffmira’s face fell, her courage deserted her and so she turned chicken and ran for the cell door, but Flam’s sword was to quick and Hoffmira fell, dead. We all stared amazed that we had defeated Hoffmira with one sword stroke. “Well done Dee! Well done Flam!” We cried. I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Cyko had picked up the chocolate statue and was headed out the door of the cell. Our curiosity aroused we all followed him down the hall and up the stairs out the door into the courtyard. “Oh, good thinking Cyko!” Called Lady A, when she saw what Cyko was doing. Cyko had stood the chocolate statue of Maia in the center of the courtyard in a bright patch of sunshine, where much to our relief the chocolate started to slowly melt.

“Is she completely back yet?” asked Mountie for about the hundredth time in about an hour. I groaned and looked through the doorway of the kitchen out into the courtyard, where Maia stood.“Nearly, Mountie, looks like all thats left is her feet.” Maia who’s head had melted first scowled. “And my weapons, don’t forget that Ellene!” I smiled at Maia glad that she was feeling well enough to be so ill-tempered. “Oh, I didn’t Maia, I just counted you as more important, thats all.” Maia, looked at me suspiciously “Oh, alright, I suppose.” We went outside and took turns chipping away at the chocolate that was keeping her prisoner, till after hours of Maia complaining that we were hurting her feet, the chocolate broke open and she was free. “Well, its about time!” She exclaimed as she walked around to stretch her disused muscles. “It took you all long enough!” I sighed and went to check on my army. Lady A smiled and walked away saying “If you need me, I’ll be over here playing with sharp objects.” Dee and Flam followed me to review the army.

Here you go Rose darling, I hope you understand that this novel is for you and for all NarniaWebbers in it, I plan on (somehow) getting you all a copy, even if I have to fly to wherever you live an stuff a copy in your mailbox. :D I hope you enjoyed it!


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