Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Diary...

Dear Diary...
I'm so bored right now, I haven't been outside for a while now. Add that to the fact that I hurt my foot at karate yesterday and my Brother is now calling me 'Gimpy' and you get one very irritated and BORED Mim. I talked my Mom into letting me use the computer and now I'm sitting here reading e-books and typing up blog posts.... Did I mention that I turned fourteen a month ago yesterday? 'Cuz I did. And I am also very bored right now, I want chocolate and we have none in the house. Joy. Did you sense the sarcasm there? It's right in between the 'house' and the 'Did', it also has a sentence all to itself. And now I'm rambling so, Ciao!

One very bored and chocolate craving,
Mim Grace

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